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29th April 2022

Change in the management of the company

Dear customers,

Björn Züger, Regional Vice President of Loomis in Switzerland, Germany and Austria will assume the responsibility as President & CEO of Loomis USA in Houston Texas.

Amer Pepic, will become Country President for Switzerland no later than June 1, 2022. During his many years with Loomis in Switzerland, Amer Pepic has gained depth experience and expertise for this new responsibility. He has been a member of the Executive Board of Loomis Schweiz AG since 2015 and was most recently Operation Manager for Switzerland. We are convinced that with the appointment of Amer Pepic continuity, quality, transparency and trust are guaranteed.

03th Mai 2021

Erfolgreicher Abschluss des Asset Purchase Agreement

Sehr geehrte Kunden

Am 30. März 2021 haben wir Sie über den geplanten Kauf der Aktivitäten der SecurePost AG informiert. Gerne bestätigen wir, dass die Übernahme stattgefunden hat und sämtliche Geschäfte ab dem 01.05.2021 im Namen der Loomis Schweiz AG durchgeführt werden.

Die Loomis Schweiz AG wird ihre Dienstleistungen im bisherigen Umfang und zu den mit Ihnen vereinbarten vertraglichen Konditionen erbringen. Für Dienstleistungen die unter einem Vertrag vor dem 01.05.2021 abgeschlossen wurden, gelten weiterhin die bisherigen Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen.

Sie haben in den letzen Tagen bereits einen aktualisierten Identifikationbeschrieb der Loomis Mitarbeiter erhalten. Er ist ab sofort zusätzlich zum bestehenden Beschrieb «Identifikation der Mitarbeitenden von Loomis Schweiz AG» gültig. Bis zur Ausstattung aller Mitarbeitenden mit der Loomis Uniform, bleibt die bekannte SecurePost Uniform im Einsatz. Bitte informieren Sie Ihre Kontaktstellen.

Ihre Ansprechpartner mit den bekannten Telefonnummern beider Unternehmungen bleiben für Sie bestehen und stehen Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.

Freundliche Grüsse       Freundliche Grüsse
Loomis Schweiz AG      Loomis Schweiz AG
Björn Züger      Jens Bürki
Regional Vice President D/A/CH      Sales Director

30th March 2021

Loomis acquires the business of SecurePost AG

Valued customers

With a long-term growth strategy, Loomis is pursuing the continuous further development of services for customers. As part of this strategic plan, Loomis AB has signed an agreement through its subsidiary Loomis Schweiz AG to acquire certain assets and liabilities of SecurePost AG, a subsidiary of Die Schweizerische Post AG (Swiss Post Group).

The Swiss Post Group has decided to sell the businesses owned by its subsidiary SecurePost AG to the multinational company Loomis Schweiz AG as of 1st May 2021. The scope of this transaction encompasses all customer contracts, staff and commercial assets which become effective on conclusion of the transaction. SecurePost AG operates with 7 locations and 3 cash centers, covering the entire Swiss market as well as Liechtenstein, and employs more than 430 people. Turnover in 2020 was approx. CHF 66 million, earnings (EBITA) were in negative figures.

This acquisition will enable Loomis to further expand its service offer to customers in Switzerland, and to reinforce market stability. The Board of Directors and management team at Loomis are convinced that this purchase represents a further important step in securing a successful and sustainable future for Loomis Schweiz AG.

Your contacts and the services provided will remain unchanged.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Loomis Schweiz AG

19th May 2020

Governments must secure the Cash Cycle in times of COVID-19

13th May 2020

Ending cash money prematurely would generate an "avalanche" of risks for society

How to pay without getting infected: is it better to use cash or card?

29th April 2020

Beyond monetary policy – protecting the continuity and safety of payments during the coronavirus crisis

22th April 2020

Coins and banknotes: vectors of Covid-19 contamination or collateral victims?

2th April 2020

Cash poses no particular risk of infection for public

Credit and debit cards have more germs than cash and train station urinals, study says

Why medical experts are speaking up for cash in times of COVID-19

1th April 2020

The ASSC writes to the Federal Council to secure liquidity transactions:

27th March 2020

Dear customers and partners

We all face an unprecedented challenge due to COVID-19. We experience the effects not only at our workplaces, but also in our private environment.

We are pleased to keep you informed about our activities and operative possibilities here on the Loomis webpage. As the leading value logistics company in Switzerland, Loomis stands on a healthy and strong foundation. The Swiss National Bank considers the services we provide on a daily basis to be of fundamental importance. We accept our great responsibility for the supply of cash to the economy and ensure it even in difficult times.

The administrative departments such as Loomis Sales, Customer Service and all other departments are available to you as usual. Despite COVID-19, all services are provided normally, including:

  • Loomis E-Shop
  • Valuable transports for banks, industry, trade and public institutions
  • Processing of values
  • Cash machines / ATM refills and monitoring
  • Safepoint
  • Cash - Center Services
  • International valuable transports by air and road
  • Storage
  • Pick & Pack Solutions

We are operational and functional according to the branch overview.
(Time restrictions may arise due to short-time working)

Health and safety are very important to us. Many measures have been taken to ensure our and your protection. Among other things, the specifications of the FOPH regarding hygiene regulations and behaviour in social contacts are constantly reminded. Different employees and teams are separated from each other and home offices have been introduced at all levels.

A special task force has also been set up to monitor the situation continuously and take appropriate measures.

Cash is safe!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the central banks, there is no particular risk of virus transmission when handling cash. Touching a payment terminal to enter a PIN code carries the same risks as any other item of daily use in the public sector. It is important that we all make a significant contribution to the prevention of infection by complying with hygiene regulations.

We would like to remind you already today that you need to plan your new start early so that we can supply you with stick money in time and schedule the daily pick-ups.

Stay healthy and let us stand side by side to overcome this difficult time together.

Björn Züger
Regional Vice President DACH