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„It takes one opportunity to be successful.“

girlJessica P. (33), Deputy Head Planning & Scheduling

What I like most about my job:

  • The communication with my co-workers
  • The responsibility
  • The variety of challenges

My career path at Loomis

I started out in 2004 as a Category B driver based in Kloten and quickly learned the ropes. I enjoyed the work, and soon grasped the connections and what was important in this job. My supervisors noticed my enthusiasm and acknowledged my achievements regularly. After just six months, I became Category B delivery route manager, which gave me the opportunity to interact directly with customers. I worked in this capacity for six years and then sought a new challenge. I completed a dispatcher training program. As Loomis is a large company, a job opening soon came up in Planning & Scheduling, which I took. I was given the opportunity to demonstrate my ability, focusing my activities on coordinating transports. I settled in quickly, achieved good results and was promoted again after two years. I am currently employed as Deputy Head of Planning & Scheduling.


Anecdote from the workplace

I am happiest when I am communicating with customers, who I see on a daily or weekly basis. Many of them are practically colleagues. In fact, some are so friendly, once in a while they treat me to a drink or a snack.