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HR Philosophy

„Our employees ensure our customers’ and our company’s success.“

Our employees deliver excellence as well as optimized and reliable solutions for our customers. We believe in the importance of an up-to-date and fit-for purpose human resource management that meets the needs of our employees and supports them in their responsibilities.

Loomis Schweiz AG employs people with different skill sets in a variety of positions. To ensure our employees are motivated and complete their tasks efficiently, we provide them with state-of-the-art technical equipment and foster a work environment of mutual respect, fairness and honesty.

Moreover, we place a high value on training and development. Through external and internal training schemes, we ensure that our employees improve their industry expertise and professional skills. We encourage and support our proactive and motivated employees with individual and personalized career plans.

The Loomis Model

The Loomis model is our corporate management model and reflects how we run our business. Based on a series of core principles, the model determines how we design our business processes and workflow. The Loomis model is based on the experience from many sites and numerous countries and on collective knowledge gained over the years, and it rests on the solid foundations of our values and our Code of Conduct.

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