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ATM Services

Loomis Schweiz AG can manage all aspects of your ATMs – from the provision of banknotes and coins through loading and unloading cash to optimum cash scheduling using an IT-supported cash management system.

Geldautomaten PS Truck L1165

Minimize your security risk by handing this task to an experienced specialist.

Our services:

  • ATM monitoring
  • Cash management and allocation of cash to individual ATMs
  • Loading/unloading and service monitored by surveillance system
  • Counting and reconciling cash in accordance with ATM requirements
  • Transportation to location in a security vehicle with armed personnel
  • Handling confiscated cards
  • Cleaning ATM front sides

Your benefits:

  • Outsourcing the entire process chain
  • Proactive cash management ensures highest ATM availability with optimized loading and callout service
  • Serviced by experienced ATM specialists
  • 24-hour on-call service
  • Minimizing your risk (transport and handling)

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Loomis Schweiz AG specializes in providing customers in Switzerland with solutions to all their cash handling needs.



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