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Automated solutions

Cash handling services for the retail industry.

SafePoint 0174

Retailers can streamline their cash handling processes with the innovative cash handling machine solutions provided by Loomis Schweiz AG.

We advise you on the best cash handling machine for your business operations, tailor the cash solution to meet your specific needs and identify which processes are required.

Cash handling machine solutions offer clear advantages:

You benefit from faster cashier processes, save resources and at the same time increase your security.

Our services:

  • Advisory, financing and the implementation of bespoke cash handling machine solutions
  • Cash management (loading, unloading and service)
  • Counting and reconciling cash in accordance with the requirements of cash handling machines

Your benefits:

  • Cash handling machine solution tailored to your needs
  • Automated counting ensures maximum efficiency
  • Proactive cash management with automated ordering
  • No upfront costs with Loomis Schweiz AG
  • Cost transparency with a flat monthly fee
  • Reducing losses caused by employee fraud
  • Reduction of your administration costs
  • Process optimization
  • A successful and proven product

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