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SafePoint® – the intelligent cash deposit unit for small and medium-size businesses.

SafePoint 0199

SafePoint® provided by Loomis Schweiz AG is a complete service package designed for small and medium-size businesses looking for a secure, efficient and cost-effective means of managing their cash logistics.

Proactive cash management is at the heart of SafePoint®. Its dynamic programming algorithm forecasts when the unit will need to be serviced. The service is supported by an intelligent cash deposit unit, provided by Loomis Schweiz AG and installed on the customer’s premises.

You will be impressed by the speed and ease with which the unit is operated. Currency deposits can be pre-financed and directly credited to the customer’s account. SafePoint® eliminates the risk to your staff, saves you valuable time and reduces your costs.

Our services:

  • Deposits of all banknotes (CHF and EUR, including CHF 1,000) and CHF coins
  • Fast banknote feeder
  • Deposits are credited daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the service model selected
  • Closed-loop security system (safe bag automatically sealed prior to opening vault)
  • Real-time monitoring of deposits
  • Dynamic cash management system means deposits are collected by Loomis Schweiz AG when the unit is full
  • Real-time daily reporting, detailed statistics for multiple users (1 cash deposit unit for a number of independent depositors)
  • Comprehensive insurance cover

Your benefits:

  • Proactive control and management tool
  • You save time and money compared to your current process
  • No capital expenditure: the cash deposit unit is provided by Schweiz AG
  • Complete solution for a flat monthly fee
  • Cost advantage because the unit is emptied only when necessary

High security:

  • Only Loomis Schweiz AG has access to valuables
  • Efficient deposit process eliminates waiting times
  • Easy to use - maximum security

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