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Transporting valuables

Loomis Schweiz AG transports everything of value: banknotes, coins, precious metals, securities, data carriers, jewelry and confidential documents. We deliver your valuables to their destination – on time, discretely, safely and securely.

Werttransporte PS Truck L0432

Not only do we offer daily courier services, your branches can call up our services on an ad-hoc basis. We use state-of-the-art armored vehicles equipped with electronic safeguards

With vehicle sizes in our fleet ranging from of 3.5 tonnes to 26 tonnes, we have the right vehicle for every order.

Our vehicles are fitted with the latest communication devices and every trip is monitored by our control center.

We are committed to the environment and offer our customers CO2 –free transport for valuable freight.

Your benefits:

  • Nationwide service in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • High security standard – secure and environmentally friendly vehicle fleet
  • Inconspicuous external appearance of vehicles – minimizing your risk
  • Comprehensive insurance cover

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